Current and former maths students range from Year 2 up to university level and I  have approximately 3000 hours of tutoring and teaching experience. I also have a broad range of general experience: I have tutored and taught in various settings in the UK, Nepal and Spain (in mainstream schools and as a teaching assistant in various types of special schools; as a rowing coach; and as an English as a Foreign Language teacher). I have also done a broad selection of other work, including as a lawyer at a leading city law firm and researcher on business ethics.

I enjoy teaching students at a range of abilities, from those struggling with number bonds and times tables at primary level, to those taking GCSE and A level. I teach university statistics to those doing introductory courses on non-mathematics degrees and am well-placed to help adult-learners with maths aptitude tests. Teaching teach maths to all different ages is very helpful in enabling me to identify and troubleshoot problems for students who may have gaps in learning. I have a particularly high level of experience in teaching key stage 2 maths.

I emphasise general approaches such as developing pattern spotting; how best to interpret, understand and solve questions; how working can be used to best effect, etc.

As mentioned on the home page, I regard well-being as a vital part of the learning process.

Please note that I regret that I am unable to provide assignment solutions except as part of a teaching process.