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Written by Sophie U
Awesome Maths Tutor
Tom has been teaching my daughter, 9, for almost a year now. She is an August child at an academic prep school and whilst bright she has struggled with the very challenging maths curriculum. Her relationship with maths had deteriorated so far that she refused to engage with lessons, homework was fraught with tears and tantrums and she was showing signs of significant anxiety.. Tom has brought enormous emotional intelligence to his tutoring of her. His kind manner coupled with firm boundaries is a winning combination. His patience is extraordinary and he is teaching her the tools she needs to approach independent learning and working as well as simply the maths itself.
I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Subject: Maths Outcome: We will continue to have Tom for as long as needed.

Written by Emma E
Primary maths tutoring
Tom has been a wonderful tutor for our son. Seb was struggling with some aspects of maths so we decided to see if a tutor could help. Tom was amazing. He made our son feel completely at ease and much more confident. Seb actually looked forwards to the lessons and he has now completely caught up at school.
I could not recommend Tom highly enough.
Subject: Maths (Primary) Outcome: Sebastian is now really confident in maths and doing really well

Written by Ayesha A
Best tutor!
I’m a masters student studying Business Intelligence and one of my modules involved statistics which I’ve never done before. I was having a lot of difficulties trying to understand what to do. Tom helped me so much within 2-3 weeks before my exam. He went through every topic I was having difficulty with step by step. I was extremely impressed with the quality of teaching. Also, Tom was very organised and conscientious. I would recommend him to anyone who needs helps in statistics or any other subject. Tom’s tutoring is reflected through my results from the statistics exam in which I got 94%. Thank you so much Tom!
Subject: Statistics Outcome: 94% in my Masters exam for statistics – top mark in the class.

Written by Susie A
Exceptional Math Tutor
Tom is my 8-year-old daughter’s math tutor. Tom is a friendly and professional tutor, who was always well prepared for his lessons, and impeccably on time. Tom took a full responsibility of tutoring my daughter, and showed incredible knowledge in teaching math, and is willing to go the extra milestone. My daughter is top math pupil, and she greatly enjoys her lessons with Tom.
I highly recommend Tom for anyone who is looking for help in Math.
Subject: Maths (Primary) Outcome: My daughter completed Y3 as one of the top math pupil.

Written by Irina A
Great tutor
Tom has been teaching my son the 11+ onwards maths curriculum for the past four months. My son’s maths performance has gone from the lower end of the class (averaging 40-odd% in year 5) to the top (class average in tests 88%, son’s personal average 99%)! He finished year 6 a couple of marks off level 6b for this subject. Tom is calm, steady and well prepared at every lesson. Furthermore, my son not only loves his lessons but has even come to see Tom as his friend, which I never imagined could happen when someone is teaching you maths. He is now encouraging his younger brother to have some tutoring with Tom too. Thank you Tom. We will be continuing our sessions despite the fact that my son is starting at a highly regarded selective school. Our reasoning is that given our son’s progress and love of lessons with Tom, why rock the boat?
Subject: Maths (11+) Outcome: excellent rating

Written by N D
very good tutor
Tom is a very patient and pleasant tutor .He has a very good and positive attitude with kids. He is reliable and always on time .He always comes prepared with a tailored plan.My daughter improved her math level tremendously and ended up at the end of the academic year, at the top of her class. Tom has an ability to teach Math in a fun and efficient way . Highly recommended .
Subject: Maths (Primary) Outcome: great math improvement .

Written by Lara B
An Amazing Tutor
I called on Tom to help me study for a statistics module I was taking at university level. I was having serious trouble understanding the logic of the questions and how to approach each problem and Tom was able to really simplify the questions and help me tackle them easily.
Tom is very punctual, organized and patient. I was impressed that he was always prepared, having gone through the material i sent him before he came to our sessions.
I would highly recommend Tom, not only for statistics, but for any other area of maths as well.
Thanks so much for your help Tom!
Subject: Maths (Degree) Outcome: 77% in bachelors level statistics exam

Written by Vanessa S
Tom is a great tutor!
We needed a tutor for our 10 year daughter, Yasmin as she struggles in Maths. In the past we had a few different tutors but they didn’t help or make any difference at all.
When Tom started tutoring Yasmin we noticed the difference straight away – even her school teachers noticed. Tom has also helped with Yasmin’s attitude towards maths – she is much more confident and happy to do her maths homework, whereas before she would panic and not do it at all. Since the tutoring she has moved up a level already – she understands a lot more in maths now. We put this down to Tom’s great tutoring. He has a firm and fun approach and Yasmin looks forward to her lesson with Tom. The difference with Tom to the other tutors is that he really cares and is very passionate about his teaching, he will think of different ways to teach Yasmin. He has sometimes called or sent emails with different ideas for teaching or just giving me advice how to help her.
Subject: Maths (11+) Outcome: We are so lucky as he really is a great tutor.

Written by Irina A
We have used Tom for our son’s maths tutoring, who is currently in Year 7 of a top-50 selective school, for the past year. This is the most recent school report from our son’s maths teacher:
What a fabulous year so far! Early in Michaelmas term he was prone to rushing through exercises and he made a few too many silly mistakes. His first test score of 62% was respectable enough, but indicated that some of the basics needed work. However, since then he has really kicked on, and largely due to an exemplary attitude in class he has climbed right to the top of the set. Recent test results of 83% and 86% reflect the progress he has made. As well as written work of a very high quality, I am even more impressed by the excellent contribution he makes within lessons, where he is always willing to offer answers or ask questions. He also works hard on bonus material and challenge preps. This has been a successful year – congratulations!
Our son continues to enjoy his maths lessons with Tom and looks forward to them. I suspect that his “exemplary attitude” in class has been a result of Tom’s teaching and dedication in creating the spark of interest in this subject. We have since also added our younger son and older daughter to Tom’s list of tutees, and they are also going from strength to strength.
Subject: Maths Outcome: Very pleased

Written by Sarah T
Special Needs/ Asperger’s
My son has Asperger’s and suffers a great deal of anxiety about all aspects of school. Tom has taught him the whole of the AS maths syllabus in super quick time and has given much a great level of confidence in the subject. Highly recommended
Subject: Maths Outcome: Awaiting AS results but more confidence.